Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door, White

July 7, 2013 - Comment

For those of us who have a jumper, the Extra Tall Walk-thru Gate is built especially with their safety in mind. Great for big dogs, too, this gate is made from totally safe materials and durable steel to last. A one-touch release handle makes it easy for pet owners to get through the gate without

For those of us who have a jumper, the Extra Tall Walk-thru Gate is built especially with their safety in mind. Great for big dogs, too, this gate is made from totally safe materials and durable steel to last. A one-touch release handle makes it easy for pet owners to get through the gate without injury or inconvenience. Complete with a built-in pet door. Additional information:Patented pet door measures 10H x 7W inches Expands from 29 to 34W wide; included 6-inch extension expands gate to 40W inches Extends by another 4, 6, 12, or 24 inches with extensions (sold separately) About Carlson Pet Products Borne from a gap in the pet market, Carlson Pet Products is the solution pet lovers have been looking for when it comes to training and safety. We realize baby gates don’t do everything you need them to do when it comes to dogs and cats, so Carlson is committed to bringing quality animal gates to the market. Our versatile collection includes wide gates for large spaces, high gates for jumpers, low gates you can step over, adjustable gates to accommodate changing needs, and much, much more. All pieces are created from durable steel and feature only lead-free, non-toxic, chew-proof materials. Easy for you, safe for them, Carlson has pets and their families covered. Pressure-mounted; extendable. Durable all-steel construction with pet door. Lead-free, non-toxic, and chew-proof. One-touch release handle for easy walk-through. Dimensions: 29L x 2W x 41H inches.

An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Extra-Tall Walk-Through Pet Gate is a convenient, chew-proof way to contain and protect both your pet and home. Made of steel, the 41-inch-tall gate is designed with a pressure-mount system for easy installation and is ideal for extra-wide openings. The #0941PW expands from 29”- 40” and that includes only one 6” extension.. The walk-through design features a one-touch release handle so you can easily pass even while carrying things. A 10-by-7-inch pet door lets small animals pass through while everyone else stays put.

Walk-Through Pet Gate,
At a Glance:
  • 100 percent steel construction
  • Fits opening between 29 and 40 inches wide
  • 41 inches high with walk-through design
  • Handle includes one-touch release safety lock
  • Pressure-mounting system for easy installation
  • Ideal for: Cats and small dogs (lower gate), or medium to large-sized dogs (main gate)
Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate Product Shot

The gate’s lower door allows small pets to pass freely while keeping larger pets contained. View larger.

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate Product Shot

The lever-style handle features a one-touch release safety lock for easy adult operation. View larger.

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate Product Shot

Four individually adjustable pressure mounts provide a stable, secure fit.
View larger.

Sturdy Steel Construction with Secure Pressure Mounts

This Carlson pet gate boasts 100 percent steel construction for durability and strength, keeping your pet safely confined within your house. The gate installs quickly with four pressure mounts that are individually adjustable to provide a stable, secure fit.

Elevated Height and Small Door for Accessibility

At 41 inches tall, this is an ideal gate for large pets or pets that like to jump. For convenience, a little door on the bottom opens to allow small pets, such as cats or little dogs to pass through the gate while keeping larger pets where you want them.

Convenient Walk-Through Design

The gate features a convenient design that allows adults to walk through with a simple lift of the lever-style handle that includes a safety-locking feature. The motion requires only one hand, making it easy to operate while carrying items or holding back an eager pet. Prevent your pets from wandering into areas in your house where they can make a mess or get hurt.

Expandable for Custom Fit in Doorways and Staircases

With a 6-inch extension kit, this gate is able to fit openings between 29 and 40 inches wide, in increments. The sturdy gate is ideal for doorways and hall openings, and when used with the four included wall cups, it can be installed at the top of stairs.

About Carlson

Carlson makes it easy to keep your home safe and comfortable for all the members of your family. The company has designed a comprehensive line of gates, crates, play yards and pet beds designed specifically for your pet, with all-steel construction, lead-free and nontoxic materials, and chew-proof durability. Instead of re purposing baby gates, Carlson has created a solution that suits all breeds and all lifestyles.

What’s in the Box

Pet gate, four threaded spindle rods, four adjustable hand wheels, four wall cups, four screws, 6-inch extension,and instruction manual.

Product Features

  • Lets small pets pass through, while keeping everyone else out
  • Sturdy lead-free, non-toxic, chewproof all-steel construction
  • Easy 1-touch release handle
  • Quick, easy setup
  • Includes extension to expand gate to 40 inches


J. Rollings says:

Finally! This was the tallest gate I could find, it’s metal, so it’s really heavy-duty, it has a door, so no more stepping over and it has a cat-door. This gate has everything you need if you own a big dog and cat – it’s such a relief! It solved all our problems with one gate and the cat-door was a clever bonus.My only concern is that if you brace the gate in the doorway with tension as tightly as you’d like, the door won’t open – basically the tension pinches the gate sides against the person-door – and I don’t really see a way around that, design-wise. So our gate is in place with a little less tension than we would like since it’s meant to keep a big dog contained, but they do provide you with holders that you would have to screw into the doorways to hold the gate in place, which we plan on doing if our dog figures out that she could probably get the gate out of the doorway if she put in a little effort.It also comes with an extension for wider doorways, which we…

D. McInnis says:

Worrisome issue for cats FINAL SUMMARY (2013):It’s pretty well built, I haven’t seen anything better. We’ve used ours for several years in 2 houses. It still works and looks like it’s new.Cats may get their head stuck or may be able to squeeze through the bars.Expect to make some modifications. For example, Rebecca has a pic of her mods on the product page. We only had to tape a yardstick to the bar on the door where it opens to stop our cats.The reason for the low rating is only because of the issue with cats getting through or, rather frighteningly, getting stuck.You can most likely make some minor changes to have a 4-star gate.————————————————————–UPDATE (2008):This morning I found one of the cats with her head stuck through the gate. She got panicky and struggled for a few seconds to escape. (This is a fully grown, typical sized house cat.) I’ll have to add some extra bars or a panel to the gate to…

J. Moorcroft says:

Not good for cats and dogs I just installed my new gate. First, you HAVE to screw it into the wall as you can’t tighten the top without blocking the door (I accidentally snapped the handle due to pressure, thankfully the handle still works). Second,once installed it looked great until I opened the cat door and my 45lb Aussie Shepard/Spaniel mix jumped through the cat door. It was very funny as I bought the gate to keep the dogs out of the cat room. We are going to do some D-I-Y to make the cat door smaller. I would buy the gate again (I can’t find anything on the market as good as this one) but I would be prepared to do some adjustments.

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